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Espresso Inhaler Pin


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Espresso Inhaler Pin
Espresso Inhaler Pin
Espresso Inhaler Pin

The perfect gift for your friend who "just can't even."

Don't take our word for it, read what others have to say.

"My sister was legit gonna pass out. I told her to use the inhaler and she was totes fine again. Turns out, she 'just couldn't even.' Thanks Hey Mandalini."- Tabitha K. Portland, OR

  • Pin is 2.5"/6cm, soft enamel, black nickel, 2 rubber clutches on back

  • "Yelp" card size 15x7.5cm

  • This pin is just for fun, it's not an actual Espresso inhaler people

  • No refunds or exchanges #sorrynotsorry

  • Not affiliated in any way with Starbucks or Asthmatic people

  • 3-5 day shipping

***Words on "inhaler" read:

Espresso "For Oral Inhalation Only" one puff equals 600 mg of caffeine

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